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Where to Have a Zika-free Caribbean Vacation.

Our top Zika-Free Beach Destinations to Visit in 2019. Planning on having a baby and still want to get in a beach holiday before then? I think I am in the same boat and have been researching on places. 04/03/2019 · It's a big old place. So which spots make ideal zika-free babymoon destinations? Well, avoid the remote. Now's not the time to head into the wild and away from medical facilities. Instead, try these. Boston and the Capes. I love New York, and always will,.

Declared Zika-free in only the last two months, you can now visit any of the 2,000 islands and cays that make up the Caribbean country without worrying about how to pack an industrial-sized container of Deet. With breathtaking beaches and world-renowned diving, it’s the perfect place to get away and relax. 25/05/2016 · Japan’s sprawling capital lends a Zika-free cosmopolitan escape for travelers. Its crowded streets cohabit peacefully with towering skyscrapers, shrines, and gardens. Not only is Tokyo a great place to be overwhelmed by a skyline, but it also offers stellar shopping, a rich contemporary arts scene, and a mouth-watering food. Iceland. Zika free Babymoon destinations and all About Zika ! You many wonder what Zika virus has to do with going to a babymoon destination. Zika virus can be easily transmitted from the pregnant women to their fetus and it may cause serious birth defects especially brain related for the baby.

All places on this list are: Outside the active Zika transmission zone. If seasonal considerations are relevant, we've made a note of that. In compiling this list, we selected places that are either fully outside the range of aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus mosquitoes or are recommended for trips at times of year that are considered low to. 22/08/2018 · Just because certain destinations are labeled Zika-free on the CDC website, doesn’t mean travelers shouldn’t still exercise caution. According to Dr. Rajiv Narula, MD and founder of the International Travel Health Consultants, there are other factors people contemplating travel to an area that may have a higher Zika risk should consider. Looking to take one last trip before your family grows? Zika sure has made that a pain—but as of publication date, these seaside towns, desert resorts, and islands are blissfully Zika-free. Bonus: They offer luxury spas catering to mothers-to-be; great restaurants on the water; and pristine beaches for those mid-day naps. Just be sure to keep. Zika, the mosquito-born virus that causes birth defects, is still an issue in 2018. Zika is prevalent in tropical climates, but some warm locations are safe to visit this year for those worried about the risk of Zika. Zika-free destinations can be found in parts of Africa and all over Europe, according to the CDC.

19/10/2016 · And really, you can. While the virus has, well, gone viral in South America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia, there are still places within those regions that remain safe and Zika-free. But because the virus is spreading rapidly, there’s no guarantee that these spots will be Zika-free. 18/12/2017 · While most of the Caribbean has reported Zika, there’s a nearby neighbor that hasn’t: Bermuda, due east of South Carolina, has managed to stay free and clear. The island, with its pink-sand beaches and quaint British charm, also happens to be an amazing place to visit, even in winter, when the temps hover in the 60s. Where to Have a Zika-free Babymoon. Westend61/Getty Images. SHARE: Don’t let the pesky mosquitoes ruin what can still be an unforgettable babymoon—you just have to know where to go and we can help with that. By Ellie Nan Storck on January 11, 2019.

Top 5 Zika Free honeymoon spots for 2019. South Africa is also home to the largest percentage of Great White sharks and is the premier place to shark cage dive. This is the ultimate honeymoon experience for those wanting Safari, adventure, amazing local wines and fit for foodies. There’s nothing like honeymooning in a romantic location to kick off married life. Unfortunately, there are few things that can ruin your honeymoon quite like Zika. If you want to avoid the mosquito-borne virus, many of the traditional beach destinations are off-limits. But the good news is that there are still plenty of Zika-free spots that. Sadly, the recent news surrounding the Zika virus means time-honored warm weather destinations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico may be re-considered by cautious parents-to-be. RELATED: What to Do If You Want to Cancel Your Babymoon Because of Zika Virus. 05/11/2014 · No Zika virus transmission by mosquitoes has ever been reported in Alaska and Hawaii. In 2019, there have been no confirmed Zika virus disease cases reported from United States territories. If you are traveling outside of the continental United States or its territories, please see the Zika Travel Information page.

Zika free Babymoon destinations in the world.

The Best Zika-Free Babymoon Resort. There is also a Private Island just a boat ride away. I highly recommend the places we went. We didn’t have a bad experience any where we went! Day 1: We arrived at Sandals Royal Bahamian in time to settle in to our suite. 29/06/2016 · 10 Zika-free places to babymoon. Ashley May. USA TODAY. This year, some pregnant women are thinking twice before planning a babymoon because of Zika. The virus is active in Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Fiji and a host of other tropical destinations. 6 Sunny Zika-Free Places to Visit. 09 August 2016. You will be pleased to know that there are still lots of holiday destinations still Zika free. Here are 6 sunny places to visit, where so far, you don’t have to worry about Zika as you eat your ice-cream and sip your sun-downer. That leaves few options for virus-free travels. Though the Zika virus is only especially dangerous for pregnant women or those who are about to become pregnant, there's still a chance of bringing the virus back and infecting others. Here are 12 relatively warm places to go this winter where you won't have to worry about the virus.

Although it’s taken a back seat to other news, Zika’s still aroundand if you’re pregnant or trying and planning a babymoon, it’s probably top-of-mind. Instead of skipping that last trip before baby arrives, get informed about Zika-free places for a babymoon and relax; this may be your last chance to for a while! 17/05/2016 · The quick spread of the Zika virus in many a sunny destination has travelers concerned about summer vacation plans. These 10 Zika-free destinations at time of writing offer everything you need for a relaxing beach vacation, without the worry. Zika Free Honeymoon Packages from Unforgettable Honeymoons. Planning a honeymoon and concerned about Zika? Check with the CDC web site before traveling just to make sure the destination you chose is still Zika free as the virus is spreading.

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